251,287 cables indexed


This are the complete listings of Tags (Traffic Analysis by Geography and Subject) used in the Cablegate files to describe and categorize the content of cables:

Subject Tags Subject Tags identifies general subject content. They are categorized in nine subtypes (like "Economic Affairs" or "Technology and Science").
Program Tags Program Tags ("K-Tags") are used in conjunction with Subject and Geo-Political Tags to group documents based solely upon program or office requirements. Program Tags consists of four letters, beginning with "K".
Geopolitical Tags Geo-Political Tags identifies a country or region. They use a two-letter-code which is mainly different from ISO code.
Organizations Tags Organizations Tags contains titles or acronyms of organizations and companies.
Personal Tags Personal Tags are intended to contain personal names. Since these tags are not defined by the State Department, they are used "freestyle" and often simply contains misspellings.

All tags and their usage are defined by the U.S. State Department and described in the TAGS Terms Handbook.

By definition every cable must have at least one subject tag. On average each cable has five tags. Since the cables are partially incomplete, some cables (about 5%) have no tags.