About Me:

Hello, My name is Shubham Prasad and I am a Youtuber, Coder-Engineer at Capgemini, Blogger and Digital Marketing Analyst. The reason behind opening this blog is to make Indian people aware of some of the most important news and details about education, career and legit ways of making money online. 

Now, let me explain a little bit about myself. I am a Computer Science and Engineering graduate from UEM which is a renowned university in Kolkata. I am currently working in the Infra branch of the IT sector company Capgemini as an Senior Coding Analyst of various projects.

About My Interests:

As a full time employee in the IT sector, I usually spent 10 to 12 hours on computer on coding different project related works. I love my job so obviosly I love working. On the other hand, I love photography and playing multi player games with my friends as it reduces stress a lot. 

About Cabledrum: Objective and Message

The Only Reason of starting Cabledrum is make sure that the people in India are getting proper and correct information about a career topic which arises in their mind. We post everything related to trending topics, Unique and major career options after graduation for students, legit ways of making money online as there are many online frauds currently happening in India. 

We mainly focus on posting exact and brief explanations of different career options in India so that the students can get a clear idea about the work, job and average salary. Other than that, we also post about ways to make stable money online, and how to start small business or startup related queries for graduates in india. 

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