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First German Whistleblower Protection Law

Already in 1951, the Federal Republic of Germany has introduced legal protection for whistleblowers, probably as the first country in the world.

14 June 2015

Erstes deutsches Whistleblower-Gesetz

Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland hat, vermutlich als erstes Land der Welt, bereits 1951 einen gesetzlichen Schutz für Whistleblower eingeführt.

14 June 2015

Liars at work: Goeder-Tarant's websites prove his link to wikileaks-forum

For more than two years, Mark Goeder-Tarant constantly claims to have nothing to do with the anti-WikiLeaks platform wikileaks-forum anymore. A closer look at some of his websites proves the opposite.

17 April 2015

Liars at work: Goeder-Tarant fails to set up a trap for WikiLeaks

Recorded phone call proves disgraceful fraud attempt of WikiLeaks-Forum

16 February 2015

Liars at work: WikiLeaks-Forum uses faked evidence to slander WikiLeaks

19 January 2015

WikiLeaks-Forum: Who's Who?

07 March 2014


Some links related to Sigurdur Thordarson (Sigurður Ingi Þórðarson) alias Q alias Siggi alias PenguinX

06 January 2014

Who rules Disney?

The connections of Disney's board of directors

23 September 2013

Guardian censors Prism slide

On a Prism slide released by the Guardian the program names STORMBREW and OAKSTAR have been blacked out. Why?

12 July 2013

Cablegate Archive

More than 1,200 articles from 34 media in 24 countries, mainly from WikiLeaks' former media partners, covering the period from November 2010 to end of 2011.

14 November 2012

GIFiles Matrix: Media coverage by topic and country

Based on the "Global Intelligence Files Top 20", this compilation shows the media coverage on the most mentioned topics for 24 selected countries, accompanied by a detailed analysis from WikiLeaks Press.

01 June 2012

Global Intelligence Files Top 20

The "Global Intelligence Files News Index" consists of more than 900 articles so far, spanning 44 countries, 137 media and 16 languages. Here we have taken the 20 most covered topics to date, providing comments and background information.

18 April 2012

Global Intelligence Files: News Index

The release of "Global Intelligence Files" has caused a flood of press publications. In the first few days alone, over one hundred articles have been published in more than 20 countries. To gain an overview, cabledrum now provides an index for related articles, organized by language and country.

06 March 2012

Cablegate Top 100

Cablegate has changed the world. Newspapers from 56 countries all over the world have published cables and thousands of related articles in over 20 languages. From these publications we have created a compilation of the most mentioned cables, the "Cablegate Top 100".

14 February 2012

Cable publications by mainstream media

It's generally assumed that the redacted cables on wikileaks.org are identical to the cables published on mainstream media websites. But this is by far not the case; hundreds of redactions made by Guardian, Telegraph, El Pais and other mainstream media never appeared on Wikileaks' website.

03 February 2012

Missing referenced cables

Numerous cables contain references to others. These referenced cables are partialy missing in the Cablegate files. We've tried to figure out what the references reveal.

12 November 2011

Censorship on Vatican cables

Several cables from Vatican have been redacted to conceal statements on the manner in which the Vatican is dealing with its response to the Holocaust

26 October 2011

Cablegate redactions abused for censorship

WikiLeaks' media partners have censored numerous cables to conceal statements made by western government representatives

14 October 2011

Redacted company names

20 company names which are redacted in WikiLeaks' cablegate files

05 October 2011

Short analysis of Cablegate redactions

It is an open secret that the cablegate files on wikileaks.org are partially redacted. To shed some light on it we have compared the latest cablegate release with the unredacted source.

03 October 2011

Descriptive overview of all tags used in the cables

Complete listings of Tags (Traffic Analysis by Geography and Subject) used in the Cablegate files to describe and categorize the content of cables

14 September 2011

All cables by country and creation date

On August 30th, WikiLeaks has finally released the full set of Cablegate files, comprising 251,287 leaked United States diplomatic cables from 270 missions in 175 countries. This table gives an overview of all released cables by country and creation date, including links to the cables.

10 September 2011

Book Burning 2.0

Domscheit-Berg about to destroy unreleased WikiLeaks sources

23 August 2011