How to Register for JioMart Distributor in India

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has been into the news for a long time regarding its eCommerce initiative. They have finally stepped into the eCommerce market of India to beat other eCommerce giants which are Amazon and Flipkart. JioMart took proper advantage of the pandemic going on in the country and is focused on delivering groceries and other necessities to the consumer at their doorstep without any extra charge. This will give an edge to the new eCommerce venture to grow into the market against its competitors.

JioMart connects local retailers and consumers through its eCommerce platform. All the consumer orders are fulfilled by JioMart from the local retailers. This allows retailers to boost their business by getting into the online market without worrying about creating their own website and dealing with the marketing cost. JioMart has made the process very easy for retailers to reach online customers.


Why you should become a JioMart Distributor

If you are thinking of this question in your mind then here is the answer to it. Jio is a company that has brought a revolution when it entered the telecom industry. Now Jio has planned to enter the eCommerce industry with JioMart and we can expect to see some revolutionizing change in the eCommerce industry as well. Therefore, as a distributor, it is the right time to partner with JioMart in order to boost your business.


Eligibility to become a JioMart Distributor

The JioMart registration process is available to everyone who is interested in doing their business with Jio. However, if you are planning to register as a Distributor for JioMart, you need to satisfy some requirements as stated by JioMart. The requirements to register as a JioMart distributor are given here.


● JioMart distributors must be currently into the distribution business and doing their business properly with a renowned brand.

● The infrastructure must be adequate to do business with Jio. As Jio is already a brand, you will be getting a high amount of orders. Therefore it is necessary to have good infrastructure which can fulfill all the orders.

● The JioMart distributors are expected to have proper finances to do the business.

● Relationship with retailers is also an important aspect. It is required for the distributors to maintain a warm relationship with retailers.


The company sales team will check for all the above requirements before approving your request to become a distributor. So, make sure you fulfill all the requirements before applying.

If you fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements then its time to move to the next step. The next step is to get all the documents ready. So let us take a look at what are the documents required to become a JioMart distributor.


Documents required to become a JioMart Distributor

● Identity Card

● Firm Certificates

● GST Certificates

● PAN Card

● Photographs

Make sure all the documents are ready and up to date. Document verification will be required in order to approve your request for joining as a JioMart Distributor. Once you have all the documents ready, you can follow the steps of registering as a JioMart distributor which is given below.


Steps to register for JioMart Distributor

Now that you have gone through the requirements and the documents section, its time to move on to the application process. The process to apply for JioMart distributorship is very simple. Here are the five easy steps to become a JioMart Distributor.


Step 1:

Visit the official website provided by Jio to become a partner of JioMart. Click here to visit the official registration portal of JioMart.


Step 2:

Click on the “Become a Distributor” button given on the portal. It will redirect to a new page where you will be presented with the requirements which we have already mentioned. So you can simply go ahead with step 3.


Step 3:

 Click “I am interested” button which is located just below the points of the requirements


Step 4:

Now you will have a form on the screen which is to be filled. Fill the form with correct details. The following details are asked in the form

● Your Name

● Your Email

● City name

● Address

● Firm Name

● Mobile Number

● Pincode

After filling all the details. Solve the captcha and click on the submit button. Your request will be recorded and you will soon receive a confirmation “Your lead created Successfully”.

To sum up, First, you need to check the eligibility if you are eligible and you satisfy all the requirements then get your documents ready. Once the documents are ready, you need to head to the JioMart partner central portal and fill your details in the “become a distributor” form. After the successful submission of the form, you will get a confirmation message. Congratulations, you a now a part of the JioMart family.

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