How to Become a Data Scientist & its High Demand in India

Better and new career opportunities are springing up which can be taken by individuals in India. According to leading research by job specialists, becoming a data scientist is considered one of the most lucrative job opportunities which one can take up in the 21st century. However, before one can decide whether he or she must be aware of who is a data scientist and what his or her responsibilities are:

Who is a data scientist?

A data scientist is an individual who uses various programming and statistical knowledge to analyze data for taking effective and timely decisions for a business.

The 21st century is marked by data that governs the functionality of business with efficiency and effectiveness. Business data like purchase patterns, sales records, marketing efforts, and other important information is collected and analyzed for arriving at crucial conclusions. A data scientist, therefore, analyzes the data available related to different aspects of a business and delivers the same to top management for accurate decisions.

Moreover, new business opportunities can be easily identified and tapped through the help of a data scientist. For example, Asian Paints was able to convert the problem of COVID-19 into a business opportunity by launching its own sanitizing brand i.e. Viroprotek. Businesses and companies can take timely decisions concerning the change in their marketing channels or purchase patterns for better profitability and sales through useful insights provided by data scientists.

Now you know what a data scientist can do. Let’s dig into how you can become a data scientist.

Skills required for becoming a Data scientist:

• Extensive programming skills:

Programming skills are very essential to become a data scientist, and an individual should be proficient in different programming languages like C/C++, Java, and Python which are in great demand by companies employing data scientists for providing useful business insights. Programming skills are very essential to become a data scientist as he or she is responsible for using their knowledge of SQL and other languages for the development of dedicated solutions like algorithms and software for analysis of business data.


• Mathematics and statistical Knowledge:

Becoming a data scientist is all about analysis of business information and data which is possible through possession of mathematical and statistical knowledge. One should be aware of various terms and aspects related to statistics like median, mode, differentiators et cetera which is essential for creating graphs which in turn contributes towards the statistical analysis of business information.

• Machine learning:

Another important area of knowledge is machine learning where one has to apply his or her programming skills for the development of computer algorithms or technologies which can take decisions automatically and therefore use the same for analysis of business information. Machine learning is a relatively new field of knowledge that one must know about for becoming a successful data scientist.


• Data visualization:

Data visualization involves the personal abilities of an individual to analyze available information to develop business insights. An individual must possess the ability to carry out a fundamental and non-fundamental analysis of essential data. An individual must be able to identify important bits of information that can be used for generating useful insights for taking timely decisions. Carefully selection of important information, data visualization, and communicating the same to superiors is the most important skill set of a data scientist. It can be procured through experience and taking dedicated courses providing knowledge about the same.

• Software engineering:

One of the most sought after skills at an individual must procure for becoming a professional and successful a data scientist is a dedicated degree in software engineering. The position of a valid degree in software engineering is one of the basic skills sets a company required from an individual for obtaining a job position of a data scientist. Therefore one must have a strong engineering background for becoming a data scientist and by procuring a job in a successful company.

Apart from the above-given skill sets and an individual should also procure a degree in mathematics, engineering, economics, etc for becoming a data scientist and procuring a job. Various institutions are engaged in providing dedicated courses to become a successful data scientist like a data analyst course by great Lakes Institute Delhi college and other prestigious colleges and dedicated institutes.

There are various career opportunities under data analysis like Data engineer, data administration, and Intelligence specialist which one can become after procuring all the necessary skills and completion of the dedicated course provided by an institute.

In Conclusion:

A data scientist is one of the most prestigious job position which one can take up in a company. Business operations are expanding at an alarming rate which makes it essential for the employment of individuals who can visualize data and thereby generate sufficient insights for proper decision making. The demand for a data scientist is ever increasing which is bound to increase even further and must be tapped within time.

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