Chef as a Career and their Average Earning in India

India is a land of talented individuals. More and more people are opting for new and better career opportunities which one could not think of an earlier period. Cooking or in short becoming a chef is one such career which is being taken up by more and more students. Simple love to cook various Dishes and presenting them to food lovers is something that encourages one to pursue the noble profession of becoming a professional chef. Moreover, the advent of many new fast-food chains and restaurants has led to the popularization of this profession. If you want to become a chef and wish to know more about career prospects, salary, and the qualifications for becoming the same. Then you are in the right place.

Present and future career prospects:

Chef as a career shows a positive growth rate and trend with more students and candidates looking forward to choosing this profession. According to leading job researchers, there will be a requirement for more than 2 million chefs by 2026 due to the advent of numerous restaurant chains and eateries. The requirement for better chefs who can carry out the necessary process and take up minor and even major job positions in restaurants will increase manifold.


Several positions within a restaurant can be taken up to buy shares like an individual who will be responsible for soup, gravy, and even non-veg dishes. Moreover, there will be an extensive requirement for head chefs who will be responsible for ensuring all the necessary processes within a kitchen are performed with complete efficiency. An increase in population means more amounts that must be fed. This makes India a lucrative country where chefs will be in great demand in the near future.


Many restaurants are owned and operated by chefs. Moreover, both male and female chefs are on the forefront to deliver an extensive menu Consisting of various dishes like Continental, Chinese, Taiwan, Mexican, and various others, etc. There is no less or more demand for a male or female chef. Anyone can take up this noble profession if he or she is willing to give his oral hard for the same.


Personal skills required for becoming a chef:

Becoming a chef in India requires graduation and even post-graduation in dedicated courses related to culinary and cooking. However, personal interest and skills are very essential for becoming a professional chef. An individual must take interest in various recipes as well as should possess a creative mind to combine different ingredients leading to a better and more flavourful dish. Attention to detail as well as the use of one’s mind to create extravagant recipes and dishes with these are certain skills which an individual must possess or try to imbibe for becoming a world-class chef.


• Culinary skills: Culinary skills are very essential for becoming a chef in India. One must be aware of different types of dishes, their recipes and even possess the knowledge for presenting the same in an artistic manner that may appeal to food lovers.


• Knowledge about the different type of issues and ways of presenting the same: 

One must be even aware of different recipes as prepared on different continents and countries. The recipes, their ingredients as well as the base of repairing them can be learned through a dedicated course or one’s dedication.


Educational qualifications:

A professional educational qualification is essential for becoming a chef in a professional restaurant. One must pass 10+2 exams and even possess a bachelor's and a master's degree. There are two different institutes and even colleges to deliver dedicated courses that one can take up for becoming a professional chef. Such courses may include:

• A bachelors or diploma course in baking

• Dedicated course in culinary arts 

• Diploma in food and beverage service

• Diploma in kitchen management


One can take up to one or another type of course according to his or her liking. Moreover, there are online blogs and even videos available which one can watch to learn about cooking art for their practical application. However, to possess the necessary experience one must take an internship or apprenticeship for certain years in a restaurant or under a professional mentor. Generally, institutions or colleges help provide courses to students in attaining internships in various hotels, cruises, or restaurants. Moreover, one can make personal efforts to attain a Limited period internship in famous restaurants or eateries.



The median salary for an entry-level chef ranges from Rs.10-Rs.20,000. With more experience, the salary can even reach the scale of ₹50 to 60,000 depending upon one’s efforts and skills.

Cooking and becoming a chef opens doors for new opportunities like entrepreneurship. One can open his or her bakery or a restaurant to become a master of his or her art. 

In conclusion:

Becoming a chef is all about personal efforts and skills. Dedication and perseverance are very essential to survive competition in this profession. Opting for becoming a chef can help you in attaining success not only in India but even overseas. It is considered to be one of the noblest and respectful career options which one can think of.

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