Amazon Flex Program: How Indians Make Rs. 30000/Month

Job Seekers and money earners are always looking for opportunities to earn money without any investment. Now Amazon is giving a chance to earn money up to 30000 or more that too with Zero Investment. All you need is to fulfill the criteria which are decided by Amazon to be a Partner of India's largest online store.


Now the Question Arises: How is it possible? So here are the answers to all of your Queries

Amazon has Started a flex Program in which they provide you to be in Partnership. Under this program, you need to deliver the packages to Amazon customers in their selected area (an area of your choice) within the selected time. Successful delivery of packages under the prescribed terms and conditions will fetch you Rs. 120 to Rs. 140 for an Hour.

Currently, Residents of more than 15 cities can join in this Program to become partners with the Amazon Flex Program.


For better understanding, we can divide this Program into Two Phases:  

● Pre-Phase under Amazon Flex Program  

● Post-Phase under Amazon Flex Program


Let's explore the steps covered under Pre-Phase under Amazon Flex program:


Get the Amazon Flex App by opening the URL given in your mobile web browser.

Step 2: 

Once the App is installed in your Smartphone, Fill the First Registration Page by mentioning the following details  

● Your Full Name  

● Gender  

● Date of Birth  

● Vehicle details  

● Driving License details  

● PAN  

● Personal Bank Account details  

● Other details, like Certification for Pollution under Control


After filling the complete details, it will take 5 to 10 days to complete the Registration Process to be an Amazon Flex Partner.

Step 3: 

Now it's time for Background Verification. Background Verification is an important part of this flex partnership program. Under this program, details by the applicant have been cross-checked by the background check service provider. This step will take 5 to 10 days for further approval.

Meanwhile; Applicants are suggested to go through the videos online related to the delivery of packages and learn the essential steps of delivering packages with the ultimate customer successfully.

These are the Pre-Steps that need to be followed by the applicants to become an Amazon Flex Partner. Now once the Registration has been done, Post activities will need to be followed by the applicants which are mentioned below:


Post-Phase under Amazon Flex Program:

Once the Registration is done along with successful background verification, listed footsteps lead applicants to be a successful earner with the partnership program of Amazon without investment.

● Delivery Blocks

Amazon has designed a systematic schedule for its delivery partners in which areas have been defined within 5 km to 10 km radius. Therefore, delivery partners have to deliver the packages to their respective customers in the selected delivery blocks.

Most importantly, delivery partners can select more than one block but make sure the package must be delivered to the customer on time else be ready to face the consequences prescribed by the company's norms.

For further details, applicants are suggested to go through the FAQs related to delivery blocks.

● Cash on Delivery facility 

In Indian Online marketing, mostly customers preferred cash on delivery options while purchasing the product through online portals. So in the case of Amazon flex partner, once they deliver the package to their customer, the received amount will be handed over to the original pick up location. Cash should be counted properly and handed over by End of the day to the responsible accountant or authority of the respective area.

Being a Delivery Partner, One point must be kept in mind regarding the undelivered stuff. In case the product was not delivered - the undelivered stuff would be returned to the assigned officer by day end properly with complete details.  


● Payment Procedure to the delivery partner

As we mentioned earlier about the Payment slab, i.e. Rs.120 to Rs. 140 for an Hour for this Program. There are some under terms and conditions for the same, applicants need thorough study.

Payment under this program every week. On Wednesday, the partner will get money directly to the added account. In this Payment, Fuel Expenses will be borne by the Applicants itself. More working hours will make you eligible for Extra Income. It depends upon the availability of delivery blocks as per schedules.


As we know, Amazon is one of the biggest players in the online shopping market. So before onboarding any applicant to be a partner they will do strong background verification. So in Pre-process, any misleading information found from the applicant's end will lead directly into the non-consideration category.

During Post-Process, if any partner found to misplace the stuff inside the delivery box intentionally then their Partnership will be terminated on an immediate basis. As a concluding statement, we strongly recommend you to check the details on the website first and then participate in this program.

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