10 Small Businesses Indians can Start with only Rs 1 Lakh

For a developing country like India, it is necessary to have small and medium scale businesses to run without any help from the government. Now a day’s people are looking forward to starting their own business because of their financial needs. They can be a graduate or they can be a high school dropout nothing matters. There is a saying “Hard Work Never Fails”, by following these words anyone can succeed in any kind of business.


Coffee bars and Tea saloons:

This is a very popular and traditional business in INDIA that most of us follow in day to day life. Anyone can start this business there is no need for any technical knowledge. One should choose a prime location to succeed in this business.

Almost everyone in the world loves cookies. The only thing people see is its taste and its quality. We can start a tea stall that provides all the varieties of cookies too. The best part of this business is we don’t need any extra license to start a tea stall.


Mobile phone service centers:

In 2020, the number of people without a mobile is possibly zero. The smartphone has become a mandatory thing for almost all the people in this world. The usage of mobile phones has increased drastically; because of this reason starting a mobile phone service center will be a great option for people who are looking to start a business. The hiring of some trained technicians and providing quick and quality service is the key to success.


Florist shop:

Florist shop is one of the great business ideas. In foreign countries, people use to purchase flowers only for gifting purposes, but here in India, we use flowers for all our religious festivals and decoration purposes. We can purchase all kinds of flowers from farmers at wholesale price and can sell them with decent profits.


Gardening consultant:

Gardening is the most common hobby for most people. Many people wish to set and maintain a garden, for such people, the gardening consultant can help them in setting a beautiful garden. They advise people, how to maintain a garden and provide them with organic fertilizers to make their plants healthier. Investments are very low for this business.


Interior designers:

Many people expect their living space to be more attractive and modernized. Some people prefer antique styles. Customers may have many choices, understanding the customer’s needs by means of design and quality by executing them in the right way takes your business to the next level. For this business we can set up an office even in our own house, this depends on an individual’s interest. If they wish to have a separate office, they can even do that but it’s not mandatory. Raw materials are the mandatory things for this business.


Event management:

Now a day’s organizing an event and managing it has become a critical task for many people. Many companies are looking for private event management companies to take care of company meetings or parties. You should arrive at the event place and organize everything from arranging tables, handling photographers and caterers, etc. You need office and marketing skills to succeed in this business.

Freelance services:

Till now we have seen some business that requires 1 lakh rupees as an investment, but these freelancing services are different. IF you are good at writing content then you can start your own business for writing articles by just creating a website and setting a logo for it. This business requires only a laptop with an active internet connection in it. In the same way, if you are good at designing and developing you can start your freelancing work in those fields too.

SEO Services:

SEO services are the most popular and profitable business in today’s trend. Digital marketers can start this business by offering their clients their services. They will be benefited by getting their websites and products high on the Google search page. An SEO expert has to know the techniques of search engine optimization for delivering desired services to their clients.

Day childcare:

Today in cities families are under pressure because of financial needs. So, to reduce this pressure father and mother both are busy doing their works in the office. They need someone to take care of and educate them in the right way. So, starting daycare can help these parents. But for starting daycare you should have a proper license, adequate space, safety fences, play yards, etc.,

Real estate brokerage:

Living in a metropolitan city with good contact is a must for this business. You can earn money by charging commissions each side, you have to set a meeting for landlords and tenants and if the deal is finalized you can get your commissions.

If it is a rental agreement you can get one-month rents as commissions or if it is outright then you can get commissions on a percentage basis. 

These were a few businesses in which one can choose according to their experience and field of interest. In any business customer satisfaction is the key to its success.

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