10 High Paying Jobs without a Degree in India

Numerous students in India think that attaining a graduate and postgraduate degree is essential for attaining a job. This is not true. One can find various examples in India who were able to attain high-level paying jobs and even go for entrepreneurship without attaining a high-level education. Education should be considered as a medium for obtaining knowledge and thereby using the same for attaining a job. However, it should not be confused with personal skills and cognitive ability which an individual may possess. There can be various reasons due to which an individual may not be able to attain high-level education. But it should not act as a roadblock for building a bright future.


There are various high-level paying jobs and positions which one can take up without even opting for formal education as provided by dedicated colleges and institutes. Some of these are listed below:

• Stock market consultant or professional:

The stock market provides a medium where an individual can deliver his or her extensive knowledge in the way the market moves for helping others for earning returns on their investment. To become a stock market consultant or professional, No requirement for the bachelor's or master's degree is required. Registration with security and exchange board of India and an age limit of 21 is the only requirement. However, an individual must possess extensive knowledge of fundamental and technical aspects related to the stock market and its various aspects for becoming a successful stock-market professional or consultant.

• YouTuber:

A professional YouTuber is something new and a unique career opportunity that one can take up in the 21st century. YouTube is an online digital place for content creators who can share their knowledge, information, and entertainment content through videos. Becoming a professional YouTuber doesn’t require any kind of qualifications. If one has a unique idea or a niche in a particular area, he or she can start creating content for YouTube and thereby become a professional YouTube. One can become an online artist, information seeker, singer, digital art created, music created and even an anchor providing knowledge about anything and earning substantially.


• Dance instructor:

One can easily become a professional dance instructor at it without any requirement for professional qualifications or courses from a dedicated University. An individual should only possess the ability to dance passionately and confidently and use the same for teaching others. One can join a professional dance institute depending upon his or her dancing skills or start a new institute on his or her own.


• Travel consultant:

One of the most sought after careers is becoming a travel consultant. Any individual who possesses the skills to travel to distant parts of the globe and providing knowledge about local culture, cuisine and other information to others can take up this noble career. There is no requirement for professional qualifications or a degree from the University for becoming a travel consultant.


• Ethical hacker:

Though there are dedicated courses and colleges available providing knowledge on ethical hacking, But one can become the same without taking up professional courses. Becoming an ethical hacker requires dedication and knowledge about various programming languages. Problem-solving abilities can contribute to becoming a professional ethical hacker.


• Interior designer:

Using modern accessories and improving the interior space of a house or an office does not acquire any professional degree. One can become an interior designer based upon his or her skills. A keen eye and perseverance to update oneself on new India designing aspects can help one in becoming a successful India designer.


• Writer or content creator:

One can become a writer, novelist, and even a content creator without taking professional courses. If one is keen on writing and can use his or her knowledge to write something new and fresh for the readers then you can surely become a successful writer.


• Wedding planner:

Planning a wedding is something that does not require any kind of bachelor's degree. Anyone can start up his or her own wedding planning business through personal knowledge and skills. Though certain experience in this field can help in attaining the necessary knowledge for the delivery of better services.


• Photographer:

One can become a professional photographer if he or she possesses a keen eye and can visualize certain aspects through his or her creative mind. Individuals can become a wedding planner or national wildlife photographer. Moreover, knowledge about different designing software can contribute towards becoming a professional photographer without any need for higher-level education.


• Graphic designer:

A graphic designer is a professional who uses dedicated software to create artwork for their clients. Becoming a graphic designer does not require any high-level education. The only thing that matters is the perseverance to learn different graphic designing software as well as an artistic mind.


In conclusion:

Education should be considered as a means or a medium but not as a limitation. One must not discourage himself or herself if he or she is not able to possess a high level of education. Position of skills, perseverance as well as dedication to achieve something in life can make anyone break the age-old barriers and give wings to one’s dreams.

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