Why Indians mostly Prefer Government Jobs (Sarkari Naukri) over Private Jobs

You have recently graduated from a prestigious college holding a valid degree which can land you a perfect job in any institution. However, the major dilemma which rattled your mind is the selection between a government and private job. Every middle-class individual faces this problem and has to take adequate decisions based on their personal preferences. Though a private job can provide great salary, perks, and various other benefits like stature but what can I say a government job is it government job.

In India, landing a government job is a short-term success as it provides the necessary security to an individual when private companies are hiring their most eligible employees. Moreover, Depression in the economy and even an adverse lockdown cannot affect your position at a government office as well as the pay which it provides.

There are various reasons due to which individuals in India opt for a common job rather than working in a prestigious private company. Some of these are listed below:

1. Respect and status:

You must be aware of the respect and status which an individual enjoys after he or she obtains a government job. An IAS or PCS officer receives respect not only in his or her place of work but also in life too. Holding a job position in a government office is a sign of huge respect.

 A police officer, income tax officer, or even a clerk in a government office is considered as a man of high status and therefore is the recipient of all the respect which is garnered by his or her neighbors, family members, and general people. The power and prestige which a government employee enjoys is incompatible and cannot be obtained if you are appointed in a private company with a high salary.

2. Reservation:

The caste system in our country i.e. India can provide various perks and benefits to the right group of individuals. An individual belonging from a minority group can easily reserve a seat in a government office for which hundreds of individuals compete throughout their life.

Though it acts as a benefit for individuals belonging to a particular caste one cannot deny the advantages the caste system provides in landing as well as pursuing a government job. Even after one has completed a sufficient amount of time in a particular position in a government office he or she receives the added benefit of extended tenure only because he belongs to a minority group.

A private job cannot be landed based upon your caste therefore government job receive much preference over the former.


3. Favourable retirement policy:

Job seekers generally look for a job position that can benefit them throughout their whole life even after completion of a particular tenure. Government jobs provide a favorable retirement policy that private job positions may fail to provide.

A government job ensures you and even your whole family in terms of regular pension which is deposited into a bank account despite any problem to the nation or economy. Necessary perks like a flat, monthly pension, provident fund and an assurance that a particular lifestyle will be maintained even after retirement makes a government job more desirable.

Public sector banks and railways follow a favorable retirement policy through the provision of the necessary box and medical facilities which a private job will never provide. Saving in fixed income even after leaving a job is something everyone desires and a government job delivers the same.


4. Health benefits:

As we know health is wealth. Working for a private company from 9 to 5 and receiving a better salary cannot compensate for the health benefits which government employees receive.

Health benefits in the form of the creation of a dedicated provided fund and insurance for government employees is what makes a government job better in every term than a job in a private company. Go private companies have started taking care of their employees through the provision of employee insurance. However, it is valid until he or she works in that particular office throughout his life.

The Indian government is more than capable of handling yours and your family members' medical expenses or bills. Dedicated funds are created as well as schemes under the central health department are made especially for government job holders which private companies can only dream of providing.

A government job delivers health benefits even after retirement which is worthwhile.

In Conclusion:

Apart from the above-given advantages, better working hours, Job security, better pay, and provision of necessary allowances are certain other points which make a government job more preferable. Though obtaining a prestigious government job requires a lot of time and effort but the benefits it will provide is all worth it. No private company or institution can match the level of benefits that a government job can deliver without breaking a sweat.

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