10 Unique Career Opportunities for Students in India

Do you think Medical or engineering are the only noble professions that one can choose from? If yes then you are wrong. Various new career opportunities have started to spring which even the western civilization has not heard of. India is home to talented individuals where one can become anything if he or she possesses the talent and desire.

Rather walking down the trodden path, let's talk about certain career opportunities which you and your friends can take up easily in India:

1. Social media influencer:

Many of you may have heard about social media influencing which leverages social media platforms for engaging with potential customers. However, the success which an individual receives upon becoming a social media influencer is something you may be unaware of. Social media influencing involves the use of online social media platforms to make customers like a particular product or service and buy the same.

Companies engaged in various industries like automobiles, apparel, healthcare, and food, etc use the services which a social media influencer can deliver with efficiency.

2. Online blogger:

Online blogging refers to the creation of an online website and uploading blog posts for potential readers. Revenue streams through affiliate marketing, Email marketing, advertisements, and commissions make online blogging worth all the effort.

However, the revenue which online blogging can generate can enable individuals to leave their full-time jobs and become a full-time blogger for the rest of their lives. So, if you possess the skills to write an attractive and meaningful blog post for readers then blogging is the best for you.

3. Family therapist:

The work of a family therapist is helping members of the family to deal with various problems like marriage, infertility, childbirth, and tensions within the relationship. India is slowly moving forward towards nuclear families which have given rise to numerous problems.

A family therapist can help in providing necessary services to relieve their attention and resolving their conflicts. Moreover, certain situations like inter-caste marriages and LGBTQ relationships can be easily tackled or managed by a family therapist with effectiveness.

4. Content creator:

The 21st century is all about attracting customers towards a particular product or service. Becoming an online content creator is not limited to writing blogs. One is required to use their extensive knowledge and writing ability for creating ads, attractive slogans, digital content through artwork, and various other means.

A content creator can, therefore, be employed as a freelancer and even as a full-time employee within a prestigious organization.

Therefore, if you possess extensive thinking and creative writing abilities with certain knowledge in distal marketing then content creation is the best fit for you


5. Professional nutritionist:

A professional nutritionist is responsible for providing consultation and advisory services for managing nutrition as well as ensuring a healthy intake of important vitamins by individuals. He or she becomes responsible for the creation of a dedicated diet chart consisting of nutritive food items.

Nutritionist even caters to people suffering from injuries and ailments like diabetes. There are dedicated job positions in companies, hospitals, and educational institutes where nutritionists are appointed on a full-time basis.

6. Financial analyst:

The job role of a financial analyst is ensuring an organization is functioning smoothly and properly in terms of finance. You will be responsible for evaluating different indicators concerned with financial performance and thereby deliver the same to the top management.

Obtaining a valid degree like CFA is essential for landing a perfect job but personal knowledge and skills along with attention to detail matters for success in financial analysis.

7. Drone operator:

If you are a technology freak and wish to incorporate your childhood desire of flying a drone for earning money then becoming a drone operator can fulfill your dreams. A drone operator is a viable profession in various institutions like the military, food delivery, and other noble professions like photography.

There are even dedicated drone flying competitions that one can participate in earning loads of money. Disaster management is another field that can make use of a professionally done operator for providing relief services on time.

8. Event manager:

Managing a social, cultural and business event effectively is the responsibility of an event manager. He or she has to procure necessary manpower and equipment for making a particular event a success.


Though no professional education or qualification is required there are dedicated courses as taught by institutions for becoming an event manager. If you like to participate in social events and have participated in the management of the same in the cultural phase in your college then event management is definitely for you.

9. Interior designer:

An Interior or landscape designer is responsible for using modern decorative accessories and creating an internal layout of a particular establishment like home or office for a better appeal. Dedicated individuals are working within this profession for years and earning money as well as respect from society.

Professional courses are available which you can take up for becoming a full-time interior designer.

10. Home baker:

Unlike a chef, home bakers specialize in making different food items like cakes, pastries, muffins, and other edible items. You can become an independent baker by opening your standalone shop or selling the items through an online website.

Moreover, providing education and knowledge to individuals on making their food items at home is another service that home bakers provide. If you love baking then becoming a home baker is not a difficult task for you.

In conclusion:

The above-mentioned career opportunities can provide you necessary respite from extensive workload caused due to conventional jobs. If you possess the necessary skills as well as determination to take off unique career parts then go for it and change the course of history as well as your life.

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