Top 5 Foreign Countries with Higher Pay Jobs and Work for Indians

As we all know, a lot of people emigrate from India to abroad every year. The common motive behind immigration is to have a better life, excellent job opportunities with a higher pay scale. Strict visa rules in many countries make it very difficult for many people to find well-paid jobs there.  But there are so many countries that are looking for qualified people, where you can get a good job and an enjoyable lifestyle.

As there are so many countries, one tends to get confused when it comes to deciding and choosing which country to move. The reason behind this is moving from one nation to another is quite difficult. There are so many things to keep in mind before moving to a specific country.  It is good to move to a country where you can get good jobs as per your skills.

Now, if you are wondering where to go, we have well researched countries where you can live well with good earnings. 

We are going to list some of thesetop 5 countries down to easily find work for Indians. Here we go:

1. Canada

When there is so much hype going on regarding some of the commonly preferred countries where it is difficult to live with good money jobs, Canada is one country that makes things a lot easier. There are so many reasons why you should migrate to Canada. Firstly, it is an amiable country. Secondly, primary and secondary education are free there. Third, Canada is a country with minimal crime rates. Fourth, you get better job opportunities here and that too, with good money. And the list of reasons goes on. Canada is considered to be one of the best countries to live in. Recently, more than 1 million Indians are living and working in Canada.

2. Germany

Germany is known as one of the best friendly countries in the whole full world. It has excellent job opportunities for people belonging to different study fields. There are high demand and great money for engineers, IT specialists, and medical doctors.  Apart from this, there are so many German companies who look for Indian workers with suitable skills and offering good money for their work. Qualified people are so much in demand in Germany. There are low levels of discrimination, high levels of innovation, and excellent work opportunities in this country. Germany is an excellent place to live, to work, and to raise a family.

3. Australia

There are plenty of reasons to choose Australia as your destination country. It has been ranked as one of the best countries which are highly suitable to live in. There are lots of career and job opportunities available in Australia. They offer the right pay scale to you if you are qualified and skilled. It has a good quality of life, low crime, and rate, and good weather to live in. Recently, there are so many Indians residing and working in Australia; Indians occupy approximately 2.13% of the Australian population. If you are qualified and have all the points per the allocated point system, you can quickly get Australian citizenship.

4. State of Qatar

The state of Qatar has a Gross National Income (GNI) of US$116. The majority of people recently living in Qatar are expatriate Indians. Various studies state that approximately 70,000 Indians live and work here, which makes up one-fourth of the population of this country.  Qatar is somewhat a great progressing nation with excellent opportunities that one should and can explore. Infrastructure, job opportunities are fantastic here. Plus, this country is friendly to mix up with and welcome Indians with a warm smile. There are so many flights available from Qatar to various Indian states as well; you can easily travel here and there.

5. Kingdom of Belgium

Undoubtedly, Belgium is one of the beautiful countries in the world. According to various surveys, it has been estimated that recently 7000 Indians live and work in Belgium. There are ample opportunities for jobs. Indians serve as the third-largest migrant workers in this country. The fantastic thing about Belgium is that it is a liberal country, which makes it very friendly with Indians.  Expatriate Indian workers are also able to get the nationality of Belgium very quickly if all the desired requirements are met. Living in this country is a very pleasurable experience. There can be specific reasons why you want to move abroad.


When you plan to move abroad, you have your specific reasons why you want to move and what you are expecting from the destination country. So before you move, it is essential to know everything about different countries, their demands, their opportunities in terms of education and job. Make sure you take your time and study each and every desired state thoroughly as then only you will be able to decide wisely. Look for a country that is less crowded and offers job opportunities related to your skill sets and studies. Take your time and then fly up there.

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