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Statement concerning the owner of WikiLeaks-Forum

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Since I haven't the time to respond to each single lie from @wikileaks_forum I take only this one for example:

  1. Mark claims to speak for "his" 14,500 members (whereof 12,000 never posted anything) while most of this people probably wouldn't agree with @wikileaks_forum's smear campaign against Julian Assange, dressed up as "open discussion", with the support for well-known WikiLeaks haters, with statements against Assange in their name, or with attacks against Christine Assange, Jaraparilla and several others.

  2. I never attacked any forum member but only defended myself against organized attacks of forum admins.

  3. Mark wrote "you can't censor 14,500 members" which isn't true: He can. Example: cabledrum.net/wlf.html

Mark, the owner of WikiLeaks-Forum, made a dangerous turn recently and now misuses the forum for his personal objectives.

Be warned: This man is dangerous. I strongly recommend not to trust him.


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