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Cabledrum is search engine for the Cablegate files published on WikiLeaks. The full text search allows for searching the entire documents or certain parts (e.g. headers or subjects) only. It also supports common advanced features like phrase search or excluding terms. All search options can be used in any combination.

Full Text Search

The full text search is case insensitive. Multiple terms can be queried in logical combinations:

foo bar finds documents containing foo and bar
foo OR bar finds documents containing foo or bar
foo -bar finds documents containing foo and not bar
"foo bar" finds documents containing the exact phrase foo bar
matches with foo bar but not with bar foo or foo corge bar

The full text search covers the entire cable data, as well as metadata like reference id or country of origin. Queries can be narrowed to header data, body data or subjects only. (Metadata are considered only when searching "anywhere in the cables".)


You can specify a continent, a country or a particular origin. (E.g. the origin Brazil includes the embassy in Brasilia and also the consulates in Sao Paulo, Recife and Rio de Janeiro.)


You can specify up to three tags and their correlation (e.g. PGOV or PREL and not ECON). The tags are automatically looked up in the interactive glossary. (If more tags are required, you can use the full text search instead.)


Creation dates can be specified by exact date, by approximate time frame or by date range, e.g.:

Apr 1973

25 Feb 2004 or later

1998 or earlier

Nov 2002 until Oct 2004


The interactive glossary provides information on all tags and routing indicators as well as on hundreds of terms and abbreviations commonly used in the cables. Tags and origins (routing indicators) are automatically looked up when used in the search form.

All search options can be used in any combination.

See the FAQ for more details.